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The owner of this company: Kay Vang-Thao started this company with the mindset to help educate clients on owning their home and providing the many resources that will help home owner(s).  As a mortgage originator, she felt that it was her duty to do what was best for her clients, and so with this mindset, Financial Saver Network, Inc was born.


In 2012, Financial Saver Network, Inc. (FSN) was approached by a client.  “Why can’t I get financing?  Please help me. I am un-bankable. No one will lend to me.  I want to be a business owner.  I have great ideas but no one will listen or lend to me.”  Kay decided to take a journey to help this client.  Having been in the mortgage business since 1998, real estate investment since 1999, and the insurance business since 1998; this journey was really rewarding for Kay.  At FSN, we specialize in “Creative Financing.”  Some of our programs are: Unsecured Personal Loan, Business Loan for Existing and Start-Up, Hard Money Loan for Purchase and Rehabbing.  We even have stated income commercial loans up to 100% CLTV.


We have great relationships with numerous Lenders and Private Investors that will help fund your business needs.  Why choose us and not directly the Lenders?  We are an experienced consulting firm that will act on your behalf.  We can help put together a creative plan of action, cater to your needs, and work with your time frame; giving you the most suitable loan that will meet your needs.  No fee is paid unless we are able to successfully help you.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Financing Fast N Easy!

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