Which Credit Report do I Pull/Use? What Kind Of Report Is Required? Here Is The Instruction That Will Direct You

We are always looking for a way to help our clients get maximum funding and protect their credit. We do need a copy of a credit report to give you your pre-approval. This credit report you are pulling is considered a soft pull. A soft pull is not an inquiry and will not affect your credit score or hurt your credit. We do not pull a credit report for your file which will result in an inquiry until you, the client, have signed our contract and are committed to moving forward. However, to receive the most accurate credit assessment and funding quote, (current funding potential), we require a credit report to be pulled. The question is this: Which kind of credit report is required? Below are instructions on which kind of credit report is needed and which companies we use.

1. This Credit Report Is Used For All The Programs On Our Website Except For The Corporate Business Credit Building

We want our client to use CreditReport and provide us with a pdf copy of the credit report. We find that we get more accurate results with CreditReport. You will be charged $1.00 for 7 days and then will be charge $29.95 monthly if you do not cancel the service within 7 days. We generally get back to our client for a pre-approval within 48 hours. Click below on the following link to open a new window. Once you pull the credit report, you will need to click on "Printable Credit Report." Please save and/or print a PDF copy of your report. Once you are done, please click on the Tab of the loan program you want to apply above. Then attach the credit report to the loan application, finish your application, and click submit. Your loan application will be reviewed within 24 to 48 hours. For convience, click on the link below. This will take you to where you need to be and you can quickly get your credit report.

Click here for your credit report

2. This Credit Report Is For Corporate Business Credit Build Out Only

For our Corporate Business Credit Build Out, we require a business credit report, which is a different report from the personal credit report. The personal credit report is for your personal credit while the business credit report is for your company. Your company is like another person and also needs a credit score for business funding. If you have your personal and business score, you will have a higher financing ability. Our business credit report source is "Criteria" and they will help us to see how and where you are at on your business paydex score (business credit score). For your convience, you can get your Corporate Business Credit Report by clicking on the link below.

Click here for your business credit report

Once you are done pulling your credit report for your corporation, you can go to the tab "Business Credit" and go to the no obligation application, fill out for more information, and attach your credit report. We will review your Corporate Credit Report and get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Financing Fast N Easy!

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