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Getting a loan from a conventional lender in today’s economic climate is not always easy.  New rules and regulations can make it troublesome for business owners to purchase or refinance commercial property with a commercial loan from a bank. We know that part of successful investing is being a smart real estate investor.
At E-Funding Company, we provide commercial loans to help our clients get the financing that they need to stay competitive and meet their needs in the fast-paced commercial real estate market. We offer a variety of commercial real estate financing options to help individual business owners and groups of borrowers obtain commercial properties. No matter how big or small your transaction may be, we can assist in structuring the most appropriate financing solution for your needs. We have commercial loan programs from full loan documentation to stated income that focus less on your credit history and more on the real estate itself. This type of financing is ideal for individuals or business owners seeking a quick, fast, an uncomplicated solution

At E-Funding Company we understand commercial financing:
• Purchase full doc (Required: full income documentation)
• Purchase stated income (No requirement for income documentation)
• Refinance Rate and Term
• Refinance Cash Out
• Construction Financing
• Project financing up to 95% LTV (Private Investor will finance 95% of the project. This is not a loan; it is equity-based) The private investor takes an equity position usually 20-30% (5M to 800M)
• Commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS)
• Very low interest rates, non-recourse debt restructuring, Fixed terms of 10 years, 30 year amortizations, up to 80% LTV, 2M+ and available nation wide

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